Volunteer Labor Needed (Please) Friday-Saturday, July 29-30

Sam's cousin Sasuke holds up a cardboard template which they will use as a guide to cut 1/8"plywood for the ceiling.

Before Sam heads off to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on August 2nd, there is a lot of

Help Wanted: painting, sanding, installing walls and ceiling

work on the trailer he would like to get done. Can you spare a few hours to help?  Jobs include: painting, sanding and most especially help installing the ceiling and walls, which requires at least two people. The trailer is located in Santa Clarita. Please send Sam an email if you are willing and able to help.  Email:  sam.breen@yahoo.com If you don’t have time, maybe you know someone else who does.  Please pass this email along.  Thanks in advance for your help!

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Trailer Gets Sleek and Sustainable Design

SCI-Arc student Dovid Feld has been helping Sam come up with a modern design for  the

Design by Dovid Feld

1951 Spartan Trailer.   The banquette area that wraps around the front windows will be the centerpiece for our indoor events:

Continue reading

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Volunteers Take Center Stage In Trailer Restoration

Sam and his cousin Sasuke make templates for plywood that will be used to cover the walls and ceiling.

With graduation over, work on the Trailer Trash restoration has heated up.  The 1951 Spartan Royal Mansion left it’s CalArts home on June 15 and was towed 10 miles to a canyon on the the outskirts of Santa Clarita, where lizards and coyote are almost as plentiful as motorcycles rushing to the Angeles National Forest. Continue reading

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Modular Designs We Love

Boxetti wall unit incorpates desk, lounge chair and storage

We are always on the lookout for cool ways to conserve space; we’re especially interested in modular design ideas for furniture and fixtures that can fold into the wall or transform into something else.  These ideas were shared with us by Dovid Feld, the SCI-Arc student who is design for our trailer was featured in a another post. Continue reading

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NOMAD Invasion!

Children with Evelyn Serrano's NOMAD Lab Art Project toured Sam's trailer to inspect the progress since his last visit to their neighborhood in December.

Sam and friends gave neighborhood children a tour of his 1951 Spartan trailer during the Valle del Oro Neighborhood Festival, held May 6th at an apartment complex near Cal Arts. The festival was a chance to highlight the art work of  children, age 6-14, who participate in the NOMAD Lab Art Project.  Trailer Trash partners with the NOMADS, using art to explore the importance of  home and community. Continue reading

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Classic Rides Details Airstream Restoration

In a series of instructional videos, DIY’s “Classic Rides” host Kevin Tetz gives viewers a tour of a 27-foot 1970 Airstream, which is road worn and dated.  The team tears out much of the interior then tackles the restoration. Check out the whole series, found on You Tube:

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A Makeover For Airstream’s Granny Interior

Architect Christopher Deam loved the sleek exterior lines of Airstream trailers.  But he felt that the trailer’s interior looked more like a summer cabin than a modern expression of mobility, independence and escape.  Deam freshened the Airstream’s design to appeal to the ideosyncratic style of surfers, skateboarders and traveling d.j.’s. Continue reading

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Indie Countdown

Click here to go to donate

We are very thankful for the wonderful donations we have already received. Our gifts will be coming soon.  For those of you who have not yet donated,  please consider helping us out.  If money is short, there are other things you can do: send this link to your friends, follow us on Facebook or Twitter  or volunteer to help with the rebuild. Continue reading

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Modular Furniture: We Need Ideas

Wallpaper Chair by Christy Oates

The re-design of our 1951 Spartan must has to incorporate our needs for  a living and performance space.  We would like to be able to fold away much of the furniture as possible when we host puppet shows, exhibits, and other events that will take place (at least in part) inside the trailer. Do you have any design ideas you can send us? Continue reading

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Sam’s Post #9 -Trailer: New Mascot for Cal Arts?

Photo credit: 24700, CalArts blog

 by Sam Breen

Every year, the Theatre School sets aside the last two weeks of the academic calendar for New Works Festival, an event by and for the students.  The trailer was chosen to be a venue for the event. Continue reading

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