“How To” Articles

Polishing “The Polish”…..our experience
Refrigerator Replacement & Repair installing a new Dometic refrigerator & places that repair old RV refrigerators
New Refrigerator Vent fabricating and installing a replacement external vent
Roof Vents & Covers installing vent and replacement cover
Dent Removal removing scrapes and dents
Window Repair-1961-1965 repair of the ’61-’65 Hehr C1200 series windows and openers
Window Repair-1954-1958 repair of the ’54-’58 Hehr Standard series windows and openers
Sofa Beds (Gauchos) plans for the side & front sofa beds
Airstream Nameplate painting nameplates
Curtain Sliders rebuilding the broken plastic hangers
Brass Thetford Dump Valves replacing these outdated, often leaky valves
Floor Replacement replacing the floor and belly skin with the shell in place
Fiberglass Shower/Bath Repair repairing gel-coating and epoxy painting explained
Removing a Single Hinge Door removing and reinstalling the frozen door hinge pin
Rebuilding a Leaf Spring Axle how we replaced our axle and rebuilt the shackles
Making Foam Cushions and Seats Cross section views and materials by Atrim
Repairing a Toilet Seal extending  life of Townsend closet flange seal 

Installing a sub-floor (Airstream)

Adjusting Trailer Brakes

Retrofit tips for insulating an RV

Keeping a Trailer Cool in Summer

How To Insulate Windows


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