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Heather Alpert is a BFA-4 student in acting at California Institute of the Arts.  In addition to her acting talents, Heather organized the fundraising effort for the CalArts Showcase in March, 2011.  She will be helping with fundraising for Trailer Trash Troupe performances this summer.

Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle is a multi-media artist who is enrolled in an MFA program at Cal Arts where she takes writing and visual arts classes. She is the creator of “Kentifrica,” a exhibit featuring an imagined continent based on Kenyatta’s cultural traditions of her home in Kentucky and her African ancestral roots.

James Brandon Lewis – James Holds a B.M. from Howard University, a Master of Fine Arts degree from California Institute of the Arts. James is an alumnus of the Banff Jazz Residency in Canada where he studied with Joshua Redman, Dave Douglas, Tony Malaby,Don Byron, and Hank Roberts. He has also been a featured artist on The Word Network, which boast about 30 million viewers. James’s model for success is the “message is within the music.” (link to his website).

Mersiha Mesihovic a dancer, multi-media artist and artistic director of Circuit Debris, a space for Interdisciplinarity and Radical Dance.   She was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina and spent a number of years growing up in Sweden, after she and her mother fled during the fighting in her homeland. “On The Subject of Freedom” is an exploration of the restraints on freedom that combines dance, live music and projected images.  Her site:

Cybele Moon is a costume designer and textile artist whose designs for theater in Chicago have been nominated for both Joseph Jefferson and After Dark Awards As a textile artist, her work has been exhibited at galleries in several cities throughout the United States. Her passion for exploring color and texture has augmented her work as a costume crafts specialist in dyeing, painting, and distressing. Cyblele and friends will use the trailer as a base for a textile sculpture unveiled on Earth Day in Santa Clarita, CA.  Her site:

The NOMAD Lab Art Project offers art classes to children, age 6-14, in an at-risk neighborhood in the Valle del Oro Neighborhood, Santa Clarita, CA.  The project is run by artist and Cal Arts faculty member Evelyn Serrano.  The Nomads’ art revolves around the meaning of home and community.  They will showcase their work inside the trailer in May at the Valle del Oro Community Festival.

Kevin Robinson is a multi-talented musician and composer who plays woodwinds,   electric piano, bass clarinet, tenor sax and flute and other instruments.  We hope to have him accompanying his wife Kenyatta Hinkle at exhibits we are planning with her through Trailer Trash. Kevin attends Cal Arts and is working on a film score.

Isabel Salazar will stage a reading of her play, No Comas Tomates antes de Dormir porque Tendrás Pesadillas inside the Spartan at La Casa del Tunel in Tijuana B.C. Mexico.   In the play, two people tell each other their dreams and nightmares as they travel in darkness toward a new fate.  It will be directed by Alexis Macnab and performed by Isabel and Gilbert Molina.

Olivia Sandoval is a multi-disciplinary theatre artist and poet who is currently pursuing her Independent Track MFA at the CalArts. She is interested in people who inhabit the trailers across America, illuminating their stories, and unpack- ing the divine truth that all shelters reveal about their inhabitants. Her work includes “Goddess” and an upcoming production of Sarah Kane’s Phaedra’s Love.

Chris Web is an actor and poet about to graduate from CalArts with an MFA in acting and critical studies.  In 2007, Chris and a team of other Cleveland poets won 4th place  at the Brave New Voice International Poetry Competition.  He has performed as a poet and inspirations speaker for Bill Cosby, Clay Aiken, Rosario Dawson and others.  Acting roles include “Romeo and Juliet” at the Cleveland Playhouse and Tommy in the film “MANchild” (Showtime and BET). As a CalArts student he studied for one semester in 2009 at Royal Scottish Academy of  Music and Drama.


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