Sam’s Post #4: Night Time Surprise

by Sam Breen, November 16, 2010
Tonight I walked down to the trailer and I saw from afar that it was heavily lit from the inside. I saw human silhouettes through the plastic sheeting covering the broken windows.

My heart started racing and I could feel the liquid rage beginning to flow through my veins. I thought to myself: ‘Who the hell would dare?’

I didn’t know of anyone disrespectful enough to break into my trailer. Everyone knows how much this project means to me and how angry I would be if I found anyone squatting the space.

I darted down the parking lot and opened the squeaky aluminum door with much anticipation to catch the culprits (whatever they were doing) in action.

Four of them: two young nerdy freshman staring blankly into the lens of a small digital camera, operated by two other freshman (I assume, because I didn’t recognize them).

They were shooting a film.  I didn’t ask what about, I could only guess it was about two freakishly young looking geeky astronauts lost in outer space, or in a time capsule- I didn’t care. I was pissed.

One of the two behind the camera, the one with long hair sporting a stupid wool ski hat, told me he had no idea, that he thought this belonged to the school, that he didn’t take anything inside.  I had imagined to find a group of wise-asses hot-boxing the trailer – or much worse, tagging it.  I had imagined they were kids from off-campus ruining what I had worked so hard to accomplish.  Instead, they were using the trailer, as a platform for making art- in the most literal sense.

Over 300 hours of work I have done on the trailer – sanding, unscrewing, nailing, hot gunning, towing, banging- without a single art related endeavor, and here they were, actually using the space in a way that that it was always intended: a stage, a set, a gallery space.

I couldn’t believe it. I was angry because they had invaded my space. But most of all I was angry because their objective was honorable- all they had to do was ask and I would have done everything to accommodate them!

This event, however, really couldn’t have happened at a better time. I see it as a message… it’s time to start making art.

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