Hands On: Chassis, Axels, etc.

1947 Spartan axel

From the Spartan Forum group: comments on the chassis and replacing axels

> I’ve been talking to a person who has a ’50 RM for sale, but she says it needs axle/s as they are completely rusted. Can these axles be replaced by modern axles? I’m wondering about the dimensions, shackle measurements etc, and finally cost. Any info y’all might have would be appreciated.
> EricCompletely rusted? They’re solid bar steel. I can’t imagine having to replace them from a rust standpoint, but from brakes/bearings that no replacement parts are (readily)available for. I’ve replaced axles under both of our Spartans (Manors with single axles) for brakes, and spent less than 500 each time. You of course need two…

You can have replacement axles made any width you want, I had them made 2″ wider than original. They come with spring pads loose unless you specify frame width, so it’s easy to simply weld the pads on the width you need. The new springs won’t be the same length as original, so you simply weld the spring hangers on the frame wherever they need to be as well.

One issue you’ll find is that modern tube axles are 3″ diameter, and the orignal is 1 1/2 bar, so the axle gets close to the frame. The first one never bottomed out, but the ’46 I “lifted” 4″ to gain some ground clearance for the dump valve, and to keep from dragging the rear pan exiting driveways. – Brian

Another comment from Rick:  I wouldn’t worry as much about the axles.
Definitely check out the frame members where they leave the body heading
out to the hitch. One of mine was fine, the other needed welding.. some people have had them break..
They are open ‘C’ channels and can gather leaves (sand?) holding moisture.. Axles can be pretty ugly and still be sound.  – Rick

1957 Axel clean up, etc. Spartan groups


another post on axels:



Ajax Weldiing Sandblasting and Powder Coating 

(818) 781-5667

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use a wire brush and he recommends Pour14 rubberized paint through Eastwood or other body shop places

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