Door Handles

We need a Bargman H20 door handle, two of them.  They are very rare.  Vintage makes a repro but it will cost more than $300.

Vintage Campers has some repros but you need the inside bits.  They are much cheaper.  Requires some kind of plate.  If we find the originals we can always replace


here are some notes from the Spartan forum:

Bargman latches are more rare than hens teeth. One of the reasons is, that they don’t last. Not the best design, or materials, but great looking. I have even contacted the company that bought Bargman.

Bargman just makes plastic tailights now, and probably has moved their whole operation to China. I tried to get a lead on where the original part molds/tooling for our latches might be hiding, but have had no luck.
I had to opt for a nickle plated deadbolt a few inches underneath, and used some available parts to turn the original latch into a “catch”

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