Nomads Animate Home

In the fall of 2010, a group of children, aged 6-14, from Santa Clarita, CA. gathered in their apartment complex to draw, take pictures and write about their feelings of home and community. During one of those sessions the children made a 19 second animated film about home. The NOMAD Lab Art Project is led by artist and teacher Evelyn Serrano. Other assistance comes from students at the California Institute of the Arts, parents from the Valle del Oro Neighborhood, and the City of Santa Clarita.  The classes are free and the program is run on less than $1,000 a year with volunteer labor.

Watch the process here and see the final cut!

The NOMADS start by working together on a drawing centered on the word “Home” as another NOMAD snaps pictures that will be edited together in a film:

With the drawing complete they chose a word  like “friendship” on the drawing to animate:

photo 3

The Nomads check out the photos with Sam:

The parting photo is a group shot:

THE FINAL CUT (What better way to understand what animation is about!)

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